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Thousands of beagles saved from drug trials in US

[ad_1] Nearly 4,000 beagles are looking for new homes after what is thought to be one of the biggest ever dog rescue efforts in the US.The dogs were being bred at a facility in Virginia that then sold them on to laboratories for drug experiments.But the company has now been shut down because of animal rights violations - and charities are on a mission to rehome the dogs.The breeding facility

Energy bills: Labour to make cost of living statement ‘soon’

[ad_1] Labour's Bridget Philipson said the party has been "consistently ahead of the government" on this issue – from the windfall tax to cutting VAT on energy bills.The shadow education secretary said the country would "hear very, very soon" from leader Sir Keir Starmer about Labour's new proposals to deal with the cost of living and rising fuel bills.Live: People told to wait for more help with energy bills [ad_2]